Welcome to SuzFoods!

Over the 40+ years we’ve been married, we’ve developed a ‘catch phrase’ for anything that we make that we really, really like:  ‘That goes on the menu for the restaurant’.  Now, we’re never going to have a restaurant of course, but it’s something that started a long time ago, and just kept going.  Even our sons used to do it when they lived at home!  The problem is keeping track of these menus or recipes.  Since I don’t cook from a recipe, it’s really hard to remember sometimes what I did for a particular combination.  Sometimes I’m good about writing it down right away, and that’s fine as long as I can find it the next time.  But I’d probably ignore it anyway, since I don’t follow recipes! 🙂

So I thought, why not make the technology work for us?  I thought this would be a good way to quickly keep track of any recipes or menu combinations that seem to work well.  It’s easier for me to find, and if anyone reading happens to want to try one and provide some feedback, that would be even better!  We’ll think of it like a ‘virtual restaurant’ – the one that exists in everyone’s kitchen.  Let’s give it a try and see how it goes.

Happy Cooking!


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